Second Witness Fingers C-Murder as Triggerman in 2002 Club Shooting


The retrial of rapper C-Murder on murder charges is not looking good for the defense.

Since the start of this retrial last week prosecutors have produced two eyewitnesses who put C-Murder, real name Cory Miller, behind the trigger of the gun that killed 16-year-old Steve Thomas.

Kenneth Jordan, 26, took the stand on Thursday (Aug 6), telling the jury he was standing 5 to 6 feet away from Miller when he saw the rapper pull out a handgun and shoot Thomas, moments after Millar’s friends had jumped the 16-year-old. “After they moved away, C-Murder stood over him and shot him,” Jordan told the court, “After he hit him with the gun, they all ran out.” His testimony included a mock demonstration of of what he saw.

Jordan’s testimony, however, came with a price. A year after Thomas’ murder, Jordan, then 19, was being interviewed by detectives about the death of his infant daughter by the hands of the child’s mother when he revealed to police that he had witnessed Thomas’ murder.

During cross examination Jordan admitted that he agreed to testify against Miller in the first trial in exchange for prosecutors dismissing a charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, a felony, because the mother of his child was 16. And for his testimony in the current trial prosecutor agreed to help keep his parole from being revoked.

On Wednesday (Aug. 5) a security at the club, Darniel Jordan Sr., no relation to Kenneth Jordan, also testified he saw Miller shoot Thomas.

Corey Miller was found guilty of the 2002 murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas at a nightclub at the conclusion of his first trial. But a judge overturned the verdict after it was ruled that prosecutors improperly withheld criminal background information on three key witnesses. If convicted Miller faces life in prison.

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