Suffering from COVID-19 and awaiting murder trial, judge denies YNW Melly’s request for home detention

YNW Melly
YNW Melly
YNW Melly
In early April rapper YNW Melly announced via Instagram that he tested positive for COVID-19. Melly, who is awaiting trial for the alleged 2018 double murder of his friends, has been denied a request to seek medical treatment outside of the Broward County Jail. Melly’s lawyer filed a motion on April 9 to have him removed from the jail in favor of home confinement, but the judge responded that Melly should request “special treatment” from the sheriff’s office instead.

Sources say that Melly is suffering from “labored breathing, body aches, and headaches”. According to TMZ, Melly is only receiving Gatorade and Tylenol to help with the COVID-19 symptoms. Sources also say that jail staff does not check on Melly every hour like they are supposed to.

On April 2, someone in charge of Melly’s Instagram account announced that the Florida rapper had tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Melly has tested positive for COVID-19 today while awaiting his trial in Broward County Jail,” the caption read. “He’ll be filing a motion for restricted release in hopes of better care due to any jails not being prepared to treat this new virus. He hopes for your support and to recover soon #prayformelly send positive energy to him please.”

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