Time magazine names Lizzo Entertainer of the Year

Lizzo, NY Times
Lizzo’s breakthrough year continues as the “Truth Hurts” singer has earned another honor, Time Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year.

L.A. Times’ Gerrick D. Kennedy said this in reviewing one of her October shows:

“Lizzo is the rare feel-good story in the music business: Six years after her first album, steadily winning over audiences with empowering, musically dexterous records celebrating her black skin and ample curves, she has finally cracked the zeitgeist,”

Another Times’ reporter Mikael Wood also said this about the Grammy nominee :

“What you take away from [Cuz I Love You, Lizzo’s third album], though — what makes Lizzo, beyond merely her lack of big success in the past, feel like part of something genuinely new — is her evolved thinking about beauty standards and the nature of femininity and how a power imbalance can affect the way a relationship proceeds.”

Lizzo’s music has been out for a while but it wasn’t really until 2019 that she was finally recognized and she is excited that people are finally ready to hear the message she has been trying to send for years.

“Being a black woman is popping, but right now in mainstream culture we’re finally getting a little more respect and getting our due,” she said. “I’ve always been singing about the same [things]. I just think that people were ready to hear it and they’re also ready to receive it from someone like me.”

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