Tyrese Wants His Soon-to-Be Ex-Wife to Leave Him Alone and Get a Job

Tyrese with ex-wife
Tyrese, Norma
Tyrese Gibson, during better times with his estranged wife, Norma. The two are locked in a bitter, public divorce. Patrick McMullan / Getty Images

Tyrese Gibson, who’s in the middle of a messy divorce from his wife of 10 months, asked the court to intervene in persuading his wife, Norma to pay her own debts.

I papers filed with the court by his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, the Transformers star contends he has “paid $75,000 worth of respondent’s (Norma) professional fees and costs for a marriage which lasted less than 10 months” and again highlights to the court that he and Norma “entered into a prenuptial agreement which resolved all issues between us, other than those pertaining to our minor child.”

Gibson also revealed that he has no film projects lined up for 2009 and stated that his estranged wife would do good to “seek employment and is lawfully employable in the United States at this time.”

Back in March a Judge ordered Gibson to pay his estranged wife $65,000 and over $6,000 in child support for the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, he had filed for divorce in late 2008.

The prenup the couple signed declared that in the event of a divorce Norma would only get $50,000 for every year they were married and that she would move out of Tyrese’s home within 60 days of a divorce.

But despite the prenup, Norma has asked the court to grant her spousal support, her reasoning, she is “a single mother with no family or friends, with effectively no funds whatsoever,” who is being asked to “walk away from potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars simply because it is the petitioner’s (Tyrese) position she must do so.”

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