Rent-A-Cop Turned Thug Rapper Aired Out by Smokinggun

After weeks of denying he was once employed as a prison guard yesterday posted a report detailing the life of William Leonard Roberts before he started recording over-the-top albums about his many years trafficking narcotics.

Rick Ross

Mr. Roberts, who goes by the fake drug lord rap alias, Rick Ross, had steadfastly denied allegations by fellow Miami rapper Trick Daddy that he was once a corrections officer, but records from Florida’s Department of Corrections tell a different story. According to documents provided by D.O.C. spokesperson Jo Ellyn Rackleff, the D.O.C. employed Mr. Roberts for a period of 18 months, from December 1995 to June 1997, during which time he earned approximately $25,000 per year.

While there’s nothing wrong with being a corrections officer or a former corrections officer-turner rapper, hip-hop fans, who are notoriously fickle about artists’ credibility, may take issue with Mr. Roberts’ lying about his past and more importantly his grandiose claims of being a drug dealer.

TheSmokingGun seem to be on a mission to verify the backgrounds of hip-hop super villains. In April they ran an article exposing signer Akon’s none existent criminal-mastermind past. The signer had claimed he was the ringleader behind a car-theft ring. The claim, according to court papers, appears to be untrue.

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