Church goers in Selma turn their backs on Michael Bloomberg as he tries to recover from South Carolina primary loss

Michael Bloomberg
Selma, Alabama: Michael Bloomberg looks shell shocked as members of Brown Chapel AME Church turn their backs on him in protest during a speech on March 1, 2020. Butch Dill/AP
After Joe Biden’s resounding victory in South Carolina over the weekend, he former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg made an appearance at Sunday services at Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, Alabama for ceremonies commemorating 55th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”, the 1965 march where 17 people, including Georgia representative John Lewis, were attacked and beaten by police as they attempted to across Edmund Pettus Bridge on their way to Montgomery, to demand the right to vote for black people.

While speaking at the podium, Bloomberg met some resistance as several church members turned their backs on Bloomberg during his speech. In recent weeks Bloomberg has been getting slammed for his stop and frisk policy, which had a huge effect on people of color while he was the mayor of New York City.

When the pastor Rev. Leodis Strong introduced Bloomberg to the podium, he told his congregants Bloomberg was not initially open to speaking to at the church, quoting Bloomberg as saying, “I’ve got to beat Donald Trump, I don’t have time to go to Brown Chapel.”

Looks like Bloomberg changed his mind after he, and other Democratic candidates, got smashed by Biden in the South Carolina primary.

Stacey Mickles

Stacey Mickles is a native of Birmingham, AL and has worked as a lifestyle reporter and sports writer over the years.

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