Joe Biden pick for Vice President would make history and set the political tone for a generation

Joe Biben's VP list
From left: Stacey Abrams, Val Demmings, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Kamala Harris are said to be on Joe Biden’s VP list.If chosen, either would make history as the first Woman and first African American to serve as Vice President.
With the Democratic Convention just a few weeks away, Joe Biden went on MSNBC’s Joy Reid’s new show The Reid Out to discuss his policies if he were elected president and to let voters know, that he still plans to put a woman in the VP position and it sounds like it might be a woman of color.

While Biden wouldn’t name names, he did confirm he is considering at least four black women for the position.

“I am not committed to naming any (of the potential candidates), but the people I’ve named, and among them there are four Black women.”

“…when I get all the vetting done of all the candidates, then I’m going to narrow the list, and then we’ll see. And then I’m going to have personal discussions with each of the candidates who are left and make a decision.”

Those rumored to be on Biden’s VP list include, Senator Kamala Harris, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Florida Representative Val Demmings, and Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

Former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice and Representative Karen Bass of California are also said to be on Biden’s list.

Political pundits have said it’s in Biden’s best interest to pick a African-American woman as his running mate, women and African Americans are key voting blocks who’s continued support of the Democratic party is critical.

Stacey Mickles

Stacey Mickles is a native of Birmingham, AL and has worked as a lifestyle reporter and sports writer over the years.

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