Trump files lawsuits in hopes of staying in power as Americans anxiously await election results

Donald Trump
Joe Bien, Kamala Harris
Joe Bien Kamala Harris high five.
It’s been a few days since election day and we still have no idea who our next president will be. Most states have finished counting their ballots except five: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina.

Both Fox News and the Associated Press, say that Joe Biden has won the state of Arizona, which now has Biden at 264 electoral votes, 6 shy of the 270 needed to make him the 46th president of the United States.

Other major news outlets have yet to call Arizona for Biden, however, the Biden campaign feels pretty confident that they will win the state and one other to win the presidency.

Donald Trump maintains the lead in Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, though Biden has gained ground in Georgia and Pennsylvania. Fearing a loss, Trump and his campaign have begun filing lawsuits to stop the vote count.

The Trump campaign doesn’t want absentee ballots and mail in ballots to be counted and there is a good reason why: those ballots are helping Biden close in on Trump’s lead.

According to the Secretary of States in Georgia and Pennsylvania, we may know who won those states sometime before the end of the week. While the Biden team seems confident that they will eventually take the White House, the Trump campaign is hoping the judiciary will step in to save the day, but so far most judges in the suits that they have filed have found no evidence of voting tampering.

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