Cincinnati Reds’ star right fielder Yasiel Puig accused in sex assault

Yasiel Puig
Yasiel Puig
Yasiel Puig
Yasiel Puig
Update: An earlier title incorrectly stated Yasiel Puig was accused of rape, he is being accused of a sex assault.

A two-year-old sex assault allegation is coming back to haunt baseball superstar outfielder, Yasiel Puig.

An unnamed woman is claiming Puig attacked her at the Staples Center on Halloween in 2018.

The woman, referred to only as Jane Doe, alleges she was walking to the bathroom when Puig pounced; forced her into a bathroom; grabbing at her trying to take her clothes off; touched her sexual organs as they struggled; pinned her with 1 arm and used his free hand to stroke his own penis, exposing himself, and eventually ejaculating.

Jane Doe did not say whether or not she had filed charges with the police, but according to her lawyer, she plans to sue for sexual battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and false imprisonment. It’s not known how much the woman plans to sue for.

Puig was once a standout with the Los Angeles Dodgers. After opportunities fizzled in LA, Puig joined the Cincinnati Reds.

He has denied the assault allegation.

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