Snoop Dogg Wins The Internet After His Boxing Commentary

Saturday night was not a good night for former NBA star Nate Robinson.

Robinson decided to get in the ring and fight Youtube star Jake Paul, which as it turns out, wasn’t a good idea. Paul’s knockout of Robinson not only shocked social media but made Robinson a memes star.

Their fight was the undercard for the Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr. fight, which actually turned out according to many, to be a dud too.

But what may have saved the night was the boxing commentary of Snoop Dogg who received rave reviews for his funny comments about both fights.

Snoop, first of all, made many howl with laughter with his commentary of Paul KOing Robinson.

Snoop broke into “Precious Lord” after Paul knocked Robinson out the first time and continued the hymn when Paul knocked him out for good the second time.

But Snoop may have saved his best for the Tyson fight when said the two boxers look like two uncles fighting at a BBQ.

“This sh*t like two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue,” the rapper quipped. “‘Meet me in the backyard, I’m tired of this sh*t.”

Snoop was praised all across social media for his funny commentary. Celebrities from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith to Lebron James shared with the rest of social media their appreciation of Snoop’s commentary.

So, Snoop may need to add boxing commentator to his growing list of jobs the rap superstar has been doing over the years.

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