Calgary Flames’ coach Bill Peters quits after past racial slurs are exposed

Bill Peters, Akim Aliu

The NHL’s Calgary Flames head coach, Bill Peters, resigned after the organization and the NHL launched an investigation into racial slurs made towards a black player years ago.

The investigation started when former NHL player Akim Aliu, who is black, called out Peters on Twitter, and found instances of Peters spewing racial epithets 10 years ago according to TMZ.

Aliu said when Peters coached him in the minor leagues in 2009, Peters used the N-word a few times.

On one occasion Aliu said Peters walked into the Rockford Ice Hogs locker room and complained about Aliu’s pre-game music choices saying, “Hey, Akim, I’m sick of you playing that n***** s**t.” Adding, “I’m sick of hearing this n*****s f**king other n*****s in the ass stuff.”

The Flames and the NHL didn’t waste any time looking into Aliu’s allegations. Peters acknowledged he made the comments, writing in an apology letter, “statement was made in a moment of frustration and does not reflect my personal values.” He also claims to have apologized to Aliu and his team after the incident.

The NHL is one of the few American sports not dominated by black athletes. There are currently 25 black players in the league.

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