ESPN’s Rex Ryan calls Cowboys’ wide receiver Amari Cooper out his name; gets slammed by social media

Amari Cooper
Rex Ryan
An upset, frustrated, or tired Rex Ryan holds his head in undated screen shot.
Some people don’t know when to quit, just ask former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan, who is now an NFL analyst for ESPN, went on the show Get Up and called Dallas Cowboys wideout Amari Cooper a turd. Yep, you heard right.

Ryan seems to have been upset that the Cowboys paid Cooper a ton of cash for his services before paying Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, and felt the need to call out Cooper, “I wouldn’t have paid that turd.”

Amari Cooper
Dallas Cowboys
The comment didn’t sit well with fans and players across social media, as Ryan was dragged over the weekend.

Even some players came for Ryan for his comments and called him out.

Brothers Devin and Jason McCourty, who both play defense for the New England Patriots, called Ryan out for the comment on their podcast.

“To me, the crazy thing was after he said it, Get Up! posted it on Twitter, ESPN retweeted it on Twitter,” Jason McCourty said on the twins’ Double Coverage podcast.

“Everybody was all-in on this ‘turd’ comment. I guess, at the same time, it’s all about entertainment — how can we get more viewers, how can we get people to click this, click that? But at what point in the game can you call somebody a turd?”

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