Jordan’s first days, Pippen’s pay, Bulls break up: ESPN’s The Last Dance is the distraction sports fans needed

Sports fans across the country are still talking about The Last Dance, ESPN’s much anticipated documentary on the Chicago Bulls last championship run.

The documentary takes an interesting, behind the scenes look at actions Bulls’ management took that led to the broke up the team, and is told from the point of view of former Bull players, management, coaches and other NBA stars.

The 10-part documentary wasn’t set to debut until the summer, but since 2020 sport seasons have been effectively cancelled across the board, ESPN decided to move things up to give sports fans something to talk about during the COVID pandemic.

The story of Michael Jordan’s beginnings was a spotlight of Sunday’s episode, as was management’s bad handling of the team and the tension that arose between team management and the players. But it was Scottie Pippen’s contract that sparked the most social media attention. At issue was Pippen’s $2.8 million pay during the 1997-98 season — Jordan raked in $33 million that same season.

But fans were having none of it, coming out in droves to show love for the NBA legend:

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