New York Yankees Fine Alex Rodriguez $150,000 is reporting that The New York Yankees have fined Alex Rodriguez. The third baseman was fined $150,000 by his team for missing a meeting with Major League Baseball officials and obtaining a second medical opinion on an injury without first notifying the team. The meeting, which was supposed to take place in July, was to discuss Rodriguez’s involvement in the Biogensis scandal.


According to, Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman wrote and delivered a letter to Rodriguez before Friday’s game against the Detroit Tigers, outlining the reasons why Rodriguez was fined. The amount of the fine is equal to what Rodriguez earns per day under his $28 million dollar per year contract.

When asked about the letter stating why he was fined, Rodriguez said that his lawyers may have received something but he wasn’t going to talk about it. Due to the collective bargaining agreement, Rodriguez can appeal the fine.

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