Vegas Cops Search Mayweather’s Home After Shooting

Floyd Mayweather
Police searched the home of boxer Floyd Mayweather following a shooting at a Vegas skating rink. It’s believed a member of his entourage may have been involved.

Police, armed with a search warrant, descended on the Las Vegas home of boxer Floyd Mayweather on Monday (Aug. 24) in connection with a shooting at a skating rink.

Bullets started flying Sunday night at the Crystal Palace Skating Rink on Boulder Highway. No one was hurt, but Quincey Williams’ car was left riddled with bullet holes.

Moments before the shooting Williams had gotten into an argument with the boxer. According to Williams Mayweather, “got in my face he said you know what I can do to you know who I am.”

Williams says six shots were fired at his car and he and his passengers had to duck down” to avoid getting hit.

Mayweather is not considered a suspect but it’s believed that a member of his entourage may have been behind the trigger.

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