While the NBA gets ready to re-start their season, baseball may be over after COVID outbreak

Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins’ José Ureña tests positive for COVID-19 days after the re-start of the season
Miami Marlins
Miami Marlins’ José Ureña tests positive for COVID-19 days after the re-start of the season Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
We woke up yesterday to news that Major League Baseball may have to cancel their season – again – after just a few days after the season restarted because of a Covid outbreak among one of their teams. On Sunday, pitcher, José Ureña tested positive for Covid-19.

The Miami Marlins alerted MLB that they had a major outbreak after their series with the Philadelphia Phillies. Now, it’s a game of wait-and-see as the MLB reviews the season can continue.

Meanwhile, officials with the NBA are looking like geniuses. The league created the bubble community in south Florida, isolating all players from the public while they prepare to restart their season in a few days. Players who step outside of the bubble, LA Clippers’ Lou Williams broke protocol this weekend by going to a strip club in Atlanta, are ordered to quarantine for 10 days before they can rejoin players inside the bubble.

Lou Williams
NBA places Lou Williams in a 10-day quarantine after the Clippers’ player left the NBA’s bubble to get chicken wings at a strip club. Staff
Williams went to the gentleman’s Club Magic City because he claims, “they have the best wings in the city”.

It took Major League Baseball a long time to decide whether or not to continue the 2020 season, finally settling on a 60-game season that may now be in jeopardy because of this outbreak. According to reports, players were given an option of competing in a bubble community like the NBA, but the Players Association decided against it.

Baseball season may be on the verge of collapsing, but the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver look like they are sitting pretty at least for now.

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