Dame Dash has sights set on WeTV lawsuit for putting son, Boogie’s alcohol problems on front street

Dame Dash, Dame "Boogie" Dash Jr.
Dame Dash
Dame Dash, Dame "Boogie" Dash Jr.
Damon Dash and Damon “Boogie” Dash Jr. attend the season 3 premiere of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C (2017).
Damon Dash made headlines a few weeks ago after turning the tables on photographer Monique Bunn after she tried to accuse him of sexual assault. Instead Dash ended up exposing her on camera for trying to steal electronics from his home. Now he is making headlines because of plans to sue cable network WeTV for allowing his son to drink on the show Growing Up Hip Hop.

Dash’s son Boogie Dash had an alcohol problem that played out publicly on an episode of the show. His addiction caused noticeable tension between he and his father. Since the episode, Boogie has sought help, gone to rehab, and is now committed to his sobriety. You can see the difference on more recent episodes of the show as Boogie now appears to have a much healthier and sober mindset. But that doesn’t mean his father has forgotten about the way his family “suffered emotional distress as a result of WeTV’s insistence that Boogie imbibes on the show.”

Dash is planning to sue the network because he alleges that WeTV provided Boogie with alcohol although they made a verbal agreement that alcohol would off limits. And, Dash alleges, WeTV has yet to pay him for his appearance on the show.

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