Gary Dourdan Gets Reprieve, Won't do Time for Drug Charges

Gary Dourdan

Former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation actor Gary Dourdan has escaped prison time by pleading guilty to cocaine and Ecstasy possession charges in a Indio, California court on Wednesday (May 28).

Mr. Dourdan was arrested on the morning of April 28 when Police spotted him sleeping in his car on the wrong side of the street in Palm Springs, California. Upon searching the 41-year old actor, police found cocaine, heroin and Ecstasy and charged him with three counts of felony drug possession, the heroin charge was later dropped.

Mr. Dourdan is required to complete a 16-class drug program in exchange for the no-jail sentence. He originally faced up to three years and eight months behind bars.

As a result of today’s proceedings, Gary has been given diversion (a drug treatment program). He very much regrets what happened and he’s very embarrassed by what occurred, but he’s looking forward to moving on and getting back to work.

“He is very grateful to the court for being understanding and giving him an opportunity to resolve the issue and move forward,” said his lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley.

Mr. Dourdan made his final appearance on the season finale of the eight-year-old crime drama when his character, Warrick Brown, was shot twice in the neck by a rouge cop.

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