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R. Kelly attends court hearing

Judge reverses default judgement against R. Kelly

An Illinois judge has set aside a default judgment against R. Kelly in a civil case that alleges the singer had a sexual relationship with the plaintive when she was a minor.…

Fat Joe goes to jail

Fat Joe sentenced to four months in jail

From Westley Snipes to Ronald Isley, it seems like paying taxes is something that a lot of celebrities seem to be having a problem with these days.

Intruder gets time served for Diddy mansion break-in

A Suffolk County, NY judge sentenced Quamine Taylor yesterday (Thur., July 5) for breaking into Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs‘ mansion (pictured below) back in April 1. Taylor was arrested and charged with…

Edward Furlong jailed for violating restraining order

Edward Furlong found himself behind bars on Tuesday (Jan. 11) after violating a restraining order that barred him from getting in contact with his ex-wife Rachael Kneeland.

Wesley Snipes going up the river next week

The U.S. Marshal’s Office has ordered actor Wesley Snipes to surrender himself to Pennsylvania prison authorities on Wednesday (Dec. 9) to begin his 3-year prison sentence for failing to failing to file…

Judge pulls the plug on LimeWire

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), in its quest to stop people from downloading free music off the internet, has successful running the file sharing program Limewire out of business as…

Court denies O.J. Simpson appeal in ’08 robbery conviction

The Nevada Supreme Court refused Friday (Oct. 22) to overturn O.J. Simpson’s armed robbery and kidnapping convictions, rejecting a claim that prospective jurors were dismissed because they were black.

Judge dismisses Bushwick Bill’s deportation case

Bushwick Bill mugshot.Bushwick Bill, born Richard Shaw, a former member of the rap group Geto Boys is breathing a sigh of relief after a judge dismissed his deportation case. Bill found himself…

Mario arrested for assualt on his mother

R&B signer Mario was taken into Baltimore police custody on Friday (Oct. 1) and changed with second-degree assault after allegedly assaulting his mother Shawnita Hardaway. Hardaway reportedly told police the 24-year-old signer,…