Saucy Lean cannabis beverage

Saucey Lean
Saucey Lean

Saucey Lean is a cannabis infused liquid beverage product from Saucey Farms & Extracts, a luxury cannabis company, and the result of collaboration between celebrity jeweler, and Saucey Farms co-founder, Alex Todd and NY rapper Jim Jones. The mixture is made from organically grown, slow-cured premium grade cannabis extract and can be sipped straight or mixed. Saucey Lean is described as a “healthier alternative to lean without the addictive qualities and fatal side effects that come from codeine cough syrup.” Ingredients include cannabis extract, purified water, MCT oil, vegetable glycerin, lecithin, and flavor extract. Cannabis aficionado may be familiar with previous Saucey Farms/Jim Jones last mash-ups, they teamed up last year to form the CAPO product line. No release date on Saucey Lean yet, but you can hop on Saucey Farms & Extracts’ website for more info.

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