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Actor, comedian John Witherspoon has died

John Witherspoon died unexpectedly late Tuesday, Oct. 29, at his Los Angeles home. The popular actor was the secret ingredient in many cult classics films and television shows in the 20 years.…

Behind the lens: Directors telling stories in shades of black

Black film directors are probably the most underutilized and least recognized categories of people in Hollywood. Their unique perspective and ability to tell stories through film perhaps made greater by the fact…

John Witherspoon & The Hoochies: “If you a ho, be a ho”

[flashvideo width=500px height=310px image=https://www.phresh.cc/video/j/john_witherspoon/2008/john_witherspoon_and_the_hoochies2.png file=https://www.phresh.cc/video/j/john_witherspoon/2008/john_witherspoon_and_the_hoochies.flv /]