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Gang Starr’s Guru undergoes open-heart surgery /Phresh
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Gang Starr’s Guru undergoes open-heart surgery

March 2nd, 2010 | by Staff

Guru, one half of the pioneering rap group Gang Starr is recovering after open-heart surgery yesterday (Mar. 1) following a massive heart attack last weekend that let the MC in a coma.


Guru, born Keith Elam, and his partner DJ Premiere rose to prominence in the early 1990s as the rap duo Gang Starr with critically acclaimed albums including Step In the Arena and Hard to Earn. Guru later branched out on his own, releasing a series of Jazzmatazz albums, where he collaborated with Jazz artists, such as Donald Byrd and Ramsey Lewis, to couple his lyrics with their sound.

Doctors repaired damage done to 43-year-old’s heart and he is expected to make a full recovery.

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  • LOL.. Oh my goodness.. That’s Frightening. The worst part is that it’s gonna be some C or D list MC like Boosie or Mike Jones or some shit. I can’t believe nobody’s done that yet.

  • cOLD

    im waitin for some southern rapper to drop Trillmatic

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    you must be out your god damn mind Killin them softly = top 5 stand up routines ever EASY , theres no way you can watch that and say his shit is devoid genuine wit, don’t let the Chappelle show fool you into thinking Killing them softly ain’t classic

  • I’ve seen Killing Me Softly and I saw the special he did in San Francisco and I wasn’t impressed. His punchlines were predictable and not that funny. His loud shoutty voice is funny, but his actual material isn’t. Steven Wright > Dave Chappelle.

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    BTW the girl with two faces means twice the lips twice the pleasure. Double Mint GUm

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