Arizona Officials Await Decision in Tyson Airport Arrest

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson, seen above at the June 2009 release party for EA Sports’ release party for the video game ‘Fight Round 4’ faces the possibility of prison time after scuffle with paparazzi.

Los Angeles officials are still weighing potential charges against former boxing champ Mike Tyson and a photographer Tony Echeverria.

Tyson and Echeverria were both placed under arrest last Wednesday (Nov. 11) after a fistfight between the two at Los Angeles International Airport, with both men claiming the other was responsible for starting the scuffle.

The two men could face a possible 6-month prison stay for misdemeanor battery if prosecutors move forward with charges. Those charges could possibly jeopardize Tyson’s probation. In 2007 he plead guilty to cocaine possession in Arizona, charges in the LAX case may constitute a violation of his probation agreement.

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