Jamie Foxx furious over racial joke

Last month Hollywood.com reported that Oscar winner Jamie Foxx erupted on the set of his new movie “Miami Vice” after learning of a racist prank played on his stand-in.

The actor reportedly insisted that two insensitive crew members were dismissed after they approached David Brown holding nooses, suggesting that he and Foxx were heading for a Ku Klux Klan-style lynching.

Publicists for the movie confirm the incident took place but refuse to comment further.

But an insider on the set tells the National Enquirer, “Jamie was absolutely infuriated with the blatant racism. To him and David, the joke was a reference to the common practice of lynching black people in the American south during slavery days.

“Jamie came stomping out of his dressing room and demanded an explanation from the crew members involved. They realized they had gone too far with the joke but an apology was far too little and too late for Jamie.”

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