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Law Abiding Citizen


Jamie Foxx Sued by Would-Be Brain Surgeon

A neuroscientist moonlighting as a bartender filed a lawsuit against Jamie Foxx claiming injuries he suffered at a 2007 event has altered his life. William Presler was hired by Hollywood nightclub Social…

Cops Collar Jamie Foxx Stalker

Photo by LiL_Dartainien Philadelphia police arrested 49-year-old Willie Brown last week and charged him with stalking after he attempted to con and mussel his way into the hotel of actor Jamie Foxx.…

Foxx, Butler gear up for "Law Abiding Citizen."

Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx has been cast alongside Gerard Butler (star of 2006’s “300“) in the F. Gary Gray directed “Law Abiding Citizen.” The thriller, which began filming on January 21…

Jamie Foxx furious over racial joke

Last month Hollywood.com reported that Oscar winner Jamie Foxx erupted on the set of his new movie “Miami Vice” after learning of a racist prank played on his stand-in.