Cops Collar Jamie Foxx Stalker

Jamie Foxx
Photo by LiL_Dartainien

Philadelphia police arrested 49-year-old Willie Brown last week and charged him with stalking after he attempted to con and mussel his way into the hotel of actor Jamie Foxx.

Police say on March 22nd Brown tried to push his way into Foxx’s room at the AKA Hotel after saying he was Beyonce Knowles’ producer. Brown was ultimately overpowered by Foxx but managed to flee before more help could arrive. But he was later apprehended when Foxx’s security guards spotted him near the hotel.

In addition to being booked on stalking Brown was also hit with false imprisonment, harassment, criminal threats and burglary charges.

Seemingly in good spirits, Foxx spoke to Access Hollywood saying, “I can’t talk about it, because we’re still dealing with it on the legal side. But I’m good now. Shout out to Philadelphia and the mayor and everybody else to make sure it’s good.”

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