Nick Cannon, Jamie Foxx among celebrities on front lines with protesters

Nick Cannon at minneapolis rally
Minneapolis: Nick Cannon rallied alongside demonstrators demanding justice for George Floyd. May 29, 2020.
Nick Cannon at minneapolis rally for George Floyd
Nick Cannon, center-right, at a rally for George Floyd, who was killed by police earlier in the week. Friday, May 29, 2020. Staff
CNN’s Don Lemon rattled off the names of celebrities who have been noticeably mute about the explosion in protests since the killing of George Floyd, suggesting they were “sitting in your mansions and doing nothing”. Lemon named Oprah, Ellen, Tyler Perry.

But not everyone is kicking their feet up sipping vintage merlot. Nick Cannon and Jamie Foxx are among the celebrities who put more value in justice than their brand. Cannon showed up at a rally in Minneapolis over the weekend.

“I needed to be right there on 38th Street and Chicago where George Floyd’s life was tragically stolen from him. I needed to see the people in that community — how much love they had for their community and their people and how much pain this has caused. We feel the pain go across the world — the anger and the hurt. Those visuals will never be removed from our minds,” Cannon later wrote.

“I’m finding signs of hope in both mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul. To see them respond immediately with care and compassion was the right thing to do. I saw a lot of pain and disappointment in their law enforcement.”

J. Cole joined protests in Fayetteville, NC, marching with demonstrators through downtown Fayetteville. While Foxx, along with retired NBA star Stephen Jackson, attended a Minneapolis rally on Friday to lend his voices. “All I wanted to do was let you know that we’re not afraid to stand…we’re not afraid of the moment,” Jackson said.

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