They’re rebooting ‘New Jack City’ 🙄

Warner Bros. is rebooting New Jack City. Reboots are cool cause you get to tell a proven story to the same, or slightly different, audience.

The 1991 original is a classic, Nino Brown and his criminal gang build a drug empire before betrayal, distrust, arrogance, and the cops bring the walls down around them.

Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Allen Payne, Vanessa Williams, Bill Nunn, and Chris Rock all put in legendary performances. And was one of Mario Van Peebles‘ most memorable turns as director (he also starred in the film).

Actor and filmmaker Malcolm Mays, who stars on FX’s Snowfall, is writing the script. Bill Gerber (A Star Is Born, Juwanna Mann) will produce. Doug McHenry who produced the original, is also attached to the project.

Truth be told, New Jack City is a story that should be re-released, not rebooted.

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