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They’re rebooting ‘New Jack City’ 🙄

Warner Bros. is rebooting New Jack City. Reboots are cool cause you get to tell a proven story to the same, or slightly different, audience. The 1991 original is a classic, Nino…


Behind the lens: Directors telling stories in shades of black

Black film directors are probably the most underutilized and least recognized categories of people in Hollywood. Their unique perspective and ability to tell stories through film perhaps made greater by the fact…

Rumor has it, Ice-T files for separation from Coco

From VH1.com: Say it ain’t so! Ice-T may be headed back to his pimpin’ ways if his marriage is headed toward Splitsville as reports suggest. Ice-T and Coco have had a rough…

Good Hair

[pro-player width="420" height="320"]https://www.phresh.cc/reel/onthereel/2009/g/good_hair/good_hair-tlr.flv[/pro-player]


Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number, Right? …At least according to Chi Ali, but he’s doing 25 to life for murder so his judgment can’t exactly be trusted. Rap has always been…

Wackest Rappers, Vanilla Ice

Top Ten Wackest Rap Personas

We here at Alumnah know that the only thing that Hip Hop loves more than Rap Beef and Mixtape Exclusives are Top Ten Lists. This list is about the Top Ten Wackest…