Rumor has it, Ice-T files for separation from Coco



Say it ain’t so! Ice-T may be headed back to his pimpin’ ways if his marriage is headed toward Splitsville as reports suggest.

Ice-T and Coco have had a rough couple of months since Coco’s suspect flirtatious behavior hit the ‘net. Ice-T blasted his wife on Twitter for the “hugged up w/a fan” pics, but he wasn’t ready to walk away. But when the same struggle rapper from the pictures claimed he slept with Coco, well, that may have sent him packing. According to Bossip, Ice-T has filed for separation having had enough. The kicker is reports claim Ice is cool with her having the money and house, he just wants her butt and boobs back. Now what is Ice going to do with all those assets?

She can have the money, the house, but them t*tties is mine,” he’s reported as saying. He wants the boobs and butt that he apparently bought delivered to him by March 1st. That’d be a sight to see. Ice-T’s New Jersey neigbors walk out to get their morning paper only to look over at Ice’s doorstep to see silicon breasts and butt fat (assuming that’s how you give a booty back). Come on now. This doesn’t even sound believable. Ice-T and Coco can’t break up, it’d break too many hearts of all the women who thought, ‘If somebody will wife Coco there’s certainly hope for me.’

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