Akon Takes Plea Deal in Fan-Toss Case


Akon plead guilty yesterday (Dec. 17) to throwing a fan off stage during a concert last year.

Not willing to take a chance on a trail and possible jail time the “Sorry, Blame It on Me” crooner plead guilty to harassment and agreed to pay a $250 fine and serve 65 hours of community service. He originally charged with misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment.

The charge and eventual plea steam from an incident in June of 2007 at a concert at Dutchess stadium in Fishkill, New York when someone in the crowd threw an object on stage while Akon was performing. A 15-year-old boy was singled out as the offender and brought on stage by security guards at Akon’s insistence. Akon then picked up the boy, identified as Anthony Smith, and threw him off the stage. The incident was captured on videotape and released on the web.

After pleading guilty Akon apologized to Smith and his parents.

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