Boy who killed Juvenile’s daughter to serve two life sentences

Joy Deleston with daughter Jelani.
Joy Deleston with 4-year-old daughter Jelani.

19-year-old Anthony Tyrone Terrell was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences on Friday (Sept. 10) for murdering his mother and his two younger sisters, one of which was the daughter of rapper Juvenile.

Joy Deleston with daughter Jelani.
Joy Deleston with 4-year-old daughter Jelani.

Terrell pleaded guilty to the February 2008 deaths of his mother Joy Deleston, his half sister 11-year-old Micaiah and his half sister 4-year-old Jelani, the daughter of the New Orleans rapper.

Prosecutors say Terrell had an argument with his mother, a Gwinett County Sheriff’s deputy, that lead to him grabbing her service weapon and killing her before turning the gun on his sister, Micaiah, who witnessed the shooting and began to scream.

Following that, prosecutors say the young man went upstairs to find Jelani, who he kissed before shooting her twice in the chest.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Terrell read a statement in court after his sentencing that read,

“I never planned what happened that day…My mom and I got into a disagreement and things just spiraled out of control…that night my plan was to take my own life, but in the end I was unable to shoot myself.”

Joy Deleston with her family
Anthony Tyrone Terrell (l) gets two consecutive life sentences for the murders of his mother, Joy Deleston (c), and two sisters, 11-year-old Micaiah (r) and 4-year-old Jelani (b-r).

The family of the decedents have blasted Juvenile for not acknowledging Jelani as his daughter when she was alive or attending the child’s 2008 funeral, while playing the role of a grieving father to his fans. In a letter to Joy Deleston’s brother wrote:

To whom it may concern:

I’m praying this information reach the right person to expose the truth about how Juvenile has used his deceased innocent daughter he ignored. My name is Dwayne Deleston and I’m the brother of Juvenile’s deceased baby mother Joy Deleston. It’s disturbing to know Juvenile never had a relationship with his deceased daughter but accepts the sympathy like he was a good daddy to the child. It’s not fair to the people who care. Juvenile and his family are receiving all the condolences like they cared about my sister and her kids. Juvenile didn’t have a father and daughter relationship with my niece. My sister tried for years to communicate with Juvenile and his family concerning Jelani since Jelani’s date of birth to Jelani’s unexpected date of death but Juvenile and his mother ignored his child.

Several days before the tragedy Juvenile told my sister, “he did not want nothing to do with her nor Jelani so stop sending pictures to his mother’s house because his wife didn’t know about Jelani and he is making arrangements to pay the owed excessive child support.” Jelani was before Juvenile’s marriage so his wife should have accepted her. That message Juvenile sent to his child before her death was heart-breaking to her and my family, and our Lord is my witness. In the eyes of the Lord, Juvenile will weep what he sow because he did not have a reasonable reason to deny Jelani. His wife should ask him what else is he hiding from her.

For Juvenile to tell his mother to ignore one of his kids is cruel and unusual for a grandmother to do as she was told. I’m revealing a reality check. Juvenile never spoke to his daughter, he never was there for his daughter when she needed him the most nor did he come to her funeral without a reasonable reason not to. Juvenile’s family was not at the funeral to show their sympathy. Juvenile nor someone from his family sent flowers nor a card nor called my mother to give their condolences.

Juvenile saying, ‘he’s shocked and devastated’ after hearing about my sister an her daughters death is hard to believe. Juvenile did a show hours after his daughter’s funeral in Augusta, G.A. The final moment his daughter was on earth he did not witness because he did not care about her. Juvenile said, “he is a star and he did not want the attention on him at the funeral.” I’m incarcerated and I made it to the funeral, thanks to the understanding Warden and staff who participated in making sure I was present at the funeral.

Three innocent people was killed. These killings got my family puzzled but all we have to do is continue to have faith in our Lord. There’s a reason for everything and God knows everybody’s heart. Juvenile needs to apologize to his deceased daughter Jelani and Jelani’s mother for wrongfully ignoring Jelani when she reached out to him. Juvenile needs to realize what’s in his heart reflects on the outside. I greatly appreciate your condolences in light of my loved ones death. May God bless you. This information is to inform you, you gave condolences to Juvenile and his family but they did not love his innocent daughter that was murdered.

Personally I feel Juvenile used everybody’s sympathy for his selfish means and its best for the people to know the truth. Juvenile ignored his innocent daughter without a reasonable excuse and I can not support someone like him.


Dwayne Deleston #96350-071
P.O. BOX 699
ESTILL, S.C. 29918-0699

For his part, Juvenile has stated that he did not attend the funeral because he did not want to bring “media attention” to the somber ceremony.

  1. This is so unfortunate, you would kill people just because of disagreement and misunderstanding. People who can do such thing doesn’t have God in his life for he has no fear in hurting and killing innocent people.

  2. joy deleston died because her son took after her. she destroyed many people out of jealousy and was very evil. 

    1. Did you know Joy Deleston personally ? I was wondering why I was unable to feel sympathy reading this murderous tale .

      What did she do ?

  3. I don’t know what kind of person Joy D.
    was but I don’t condone a father who ignores his children. Shame on you Juvenile!

  4. Wow…first time I’ve every heard anything like this about juvenile…im so in love with him since an before. the movie BALLER BLOCKIN…an i honestly don’t know what to say cause i want judge…WOW!!!

  5. If he cared at all about his daughter he would have been at her funeral. That’s total bullshit and it sounds about right when a man of no honor takes up with another woman, request to leave the past behind, including his children. No matter what the mother did, losing all three members lifes is not acceptable, and for someone to say so is pure evil in that person. No matter how much you like someone, does not mean that they are perfect. It was a tragedy. A mother and her young children lost their lives, to nothing more than evil. Much prayers for the family.

  6. I’m just recently even hearing this information and it’s 2021.I live in baton rouge and grew up listening to nothing but cash money ,master of various artists and of course tupac albums in the 90s.I simply don understand why this horrible tragedy didn’t receive alot more media attention.Those beautiful little girls are and we’re so innocent and did not deserve to leave this earth especially in the hands of their own big brother ,as for that sick bastard to actually kill his own mother as well because if a stupid disagreement he deserves to go straight to hell pass jail and go .I hope he’s getting everything he deserves in jail and more and dreams about them everynight.They were babies he could have let them live ,let them all live in fact he should have took his own life if he was so misreable of a simply family argument like he claimed he intended to do ,but in the end he was to much of a coward to do so ,so how could he even continue to live everyday in jail or not knowing he couldn’t pull the trigger on himself because he was too afraid to die ,so considering that fact how in the hell did he think those babies felt when they knew what he was intending to do to them .Wow is all I can say I cannot believe such evil exist in this world . As far as juvenile is concerned he really should feel like shit for the rest of his life she would be 16 or 17 now and he didn even bother to try to see if his wife would accept the child so he could be a father to her she didn’t even get the chance to see how it felt to have a daddy and be a daddy’s little girl ,he is selfish ,arrogant and didn’t deserve her anyway ,All three of them are all together in heaven which is a much better place than hereesoeciall right now and juve u should be extremely assumed of yourself and if your wife wouldn’t accept a baby girl that you helped create then she’s not a real women at all and no man should ever want to be with a so called women like that, but it’s not her fault he didn’t even give her the chance to make that decision .I don’t see any women turning away a sweet beautiful baby like that telling a man no I don’t want her around me .And her brother kissing her before made me break down in tears ,I’m still crying that is the most cold heartbreaking thing I’ve heard in my life she trusted her big brother and he kissed her then took her little life ,I don’t know him but I hate him .

  7. I follow Juvenile’s wife on social media. She seems to be into God but never mentioned the deceased child. Juvenile haven’t acknowledged her either from what I see. Everyone must answer to the man upstairs! People do anything to pretend to have the perfect family & it’s sad! They both acknowledge their kids they have together! & the baby that transitioned would now be 17 years old. How can a person sleep @ night or pretend it’s all good! Wow!!!!! God don’t like ugly is all I have to say✌

  8. It’s April 2021 and Lord help me this is the first time I’ve ever heard this. I was looking his pic up because i saw someone who favors him. For this to pop up, i was so confused. I was l8ke who’s dead, is this article related to Juvenile??? But as i searched, and kept reading…Lord have mercy. That boy must have serious mental issues or just plain evil to kill his family l8ke that. And Juvenile, Juvenile, Juvenile…It’s too late to make it right with Joy and your baby girl. But I hope you have repented and made this right with God, because karma is a cold Bitch son.

  9. May the person responsible rot in hell for 3 eternities.
    Juvenile karma will catch up so bend over and grab those ankles…god sees all

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