Kid Rock Berates Judge for Community Service Ruling in Battery Case

Kid Rock

Kid Rock went on a blogging tirade against the Georgia State Court judge that sentenced him to 80 hours of community service on September 30 for his part in a Waffle House brawl because the judge wouldn’t let him perform for U.S. troops stationed in Iraq.

On his site last week Rock, born Robert J. Ritchie, writes, “Apparently he thinks it’s more important that I do something else rather than sing, shake hands, take pictures and spend time with the men and women who put themselves in harms (sic) way to protect the very freedom he and all of us live by.”

In response Judge Alvin T. Wong stated that Rock had a history of performing for the troops and would continue to do so, “giving him credit for something he would otherwise love to do in front of a camera completely defeats the punitive purpose of performing community service.”

Kid Rock was arrested in October 2007 after a fight erupted at a Waffle House just outside of Atlanta. He plead no contest to one count of battery, the other charges were dropped.

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