Lil Wayne releases new album, ‘Funeral’, revealing relationship with Australian model, La’Tecia Thomas

Lil Wayne with La’Tecia Thomas
Lil Wayne poses with La’Tecia Thomas wear “Carter” necklace.
People have speculated that Lil Wayne has been secretly engaged to the Australian model La’Tecia Thomas.

Neither Wayne or Thomas have acknowledged the rumors, but both have dropped clues: Thomas was spotted rocking a necklaces with a “Carter” pendant. And on Wayne’s latest album, Funeral, purported to be his last, are lyrics that are either obvious trolling, or confirmation fans have been looking for.

On the track “Stop Playin’ With Me,” Weezy spits, “Ooh, I got a plus sized model/ But she my lil’ mama/ I make her bust it open for me like a piñata/ And as the world turned, she was my spin doctor.”

Then on “Not Me,” he makes it even more apparent, rapping, “You know wifey from Australia, she said, ‘Cheers, mate’/ Then we toast and see how you n****s tears taste.”

If Weezy F Baby is happy and his new relationship is motivating him to continue dropping the hits then we are all here for it!

Tiffany Simmons

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