Mario arrested for assualt on his mother

Mario Barrett mugshot.

R&B signer Mario was taken into Baltimore police custody on Friday (Oct. 1) and changed with second-degree assault after allegedly assaulting his mother Shawnita Hardaway.

Hardaway reportedly told police the 24-year-old signer, real name Mario Dewar Bennett, pushed her with his hands and forearms during a confrontation, adding he was “throwing and damaging property.”

Police entering the apartment Mario shares with Hardaway found several damaged items including a smashed mirror, a hole in a closet door and a broken china cabinet.

That’s not all. Hardaway also told police this was not the first physical altercation she’s had with Mario. According to her, Mario pushed her eight feet across the room into a wall earlier in the week.

It’s unclear what motivated the alleged assault. Mario was released from police lockup after posting a $50,000 bond on Friday.

The relationship between Mario and Hardaway, and her struggle to kick a heroin addiction, was chronicled in a 2007 MTV documentary titled “I Won’t Love You to Death.” (See the clip below)

I Won’t Love You to Death: Clip 1
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I Won’t Love You to Death: Clip 2
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