Torey Lanez is tired of Interscope’s antics, ready to spill the beans

Tory Lanez

Apparently, all is not well in paradise for singer Torey Lanez, as the artist took to Instagram angrily Saturday night to air out his record label, ”Interscope Records… If y’all n***as don’t stop playing w/ me … I’ma expose what’s really going on in that fucking building! This is going to be fun tho… I promise.”

Lanez signed to Interscope Records in 2015 by way of Benny Blancos Mad Love Records. He would go on to release his first studio album I Told You on August 19, 2016. Some have speculated that Lanez was referencing his album, Chixtape 5. While it was a success, the album may have actually caused him to lose money.

Fans are concerned for the artist’s well being, but that doesn’t seem to be a concern for Lanez, ”That’s the difference …. I don’t care. My integrity respect and the path of light that i can show the generation after me is more important than this life that n***as is so scared to lose.”

And it seems like his label mate Rich the Kid may agree with his frustrations, commenting on Lanez’s post, “I’m tellin ya 🤦🏽‍♂️.”

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