Wack 100 denies getting knocked out after confrontation with Nipsey bodyguard, J-Roc; offers $100k for video proof

Wack 100

Nipsey Hussle‘s former bodyguard J-Roc, got into a fight with Wack 100 at Rolling Loud LA. Wack 100 manages the careers of The Game, Ray J, Blueface and others. The attack supposedly happened while The Game was performing and concerned comments Wack made about Nipsey.

Wack 100 recently made it known that he doesn’t believe Nip is a legend. Speaking publicly he said “How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album. This is not no personal shit I’m talking about.” Later he added, “I’m not involving myself with who he was as a father, what he was to his community… I don’t know what his portfolio was. But what I do know, and if I don’t know I can go check, is the stats of music.”

J-Roc is said to have punched Wack several times before running away. Video footage shows Wack being restrained but footage of the attack has not surfaced. In fact, Wack is on Instagram offering $100k for anybody that has the video of him being “Knocked out.” He admits that the attack happened, but says it wasn’t a fight. “I saw a nig** swing and run. Wack still on top, try again.”… “ Next time you send a moth** fuc***, don’t send one that knows how to run, send one that wants to fight.”

Several celebrities have chimed in on the conversation including Jim Jones and T.I. Jim Jones posted on Instagram, “PAC died at 25 it wasn’t th[e] old heads th[at] made him a legend it was the generation th[a]t was following him.” The Game has made it clear that Wack 100 doesn’t speak for him.

If this latest incident is to be believed, it would mark the second time this month Wack 100 would be on the receiving end of some fists of fury. A couple of weeks ago boxing legend Mike Tyson delivered a two piece and a biscuit to Wack. Tyson’s camp have decided not to release any footage of that beat down.

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