Former Zimbabwe dictator, Robert Mugabe dead at 95

Robert Mugabe dead at 95

Robert Mugabe died Friday at the age of 95 in Singapore while undergoing medical treatment.

Mugabe came into power in the 1970s, leading the ZANU, Zimbabwe African National Union, in a rebel war against the British colonial government in Rhodesia, what is today known as the Republic of Zimbabwe.

He served as Zimbabwe’s leader for nearly forty years, first as Prime Minister, from 1980 to 1987, and then as President, 1987 to 2017.

Mugabe’s lofty ideals for Zimbabwe as rebel leader did not translate into policy in his government. From death squads to land seizures and rigged elections. His rule was marred by controversy, brutality, and corruption that made him a hero to few, and villain to many others.

Mugabe resigned from office in November 2017 following a military coup.

The nature of his illness and cause of death have not been revealed. His body will be flown back to Zimbabwe where he will be buried in a shrine for national heroes.

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