Foxy Brown’s dad went on vacation to Trinidad, now he can’t come back home to the U.S.

Foxy Brown

Donald Trump’s immigration policies are impacting people in all sorts of ways.

Foxy Brown recently revealed that her dad, who has lived in the U.S. for the past 50-years, has been denied re-entry into the country following a brief vacation in Trinidad.

In a statement posted by Blavity Foxy said, “Our trip to Trinidad carnival ended in horror, as immigration stopped my father at the airport and refused him entry back to the U.S., where he’s lived for 50 something years, married in and all 3 of his kids (Inga, Gavin & Anton) were born. Trinidad let him through. U.S. won’t let him back in. It sent chills through my family. We fought like hell, quiet and yes, my father’s still stuck there.”

Foxy didn’t offer insights into what her family plans to do to reunite with her father.

President Trump caused an uproar when it was revealed that he enacted policy that separated immigrants that entered the country illegally from their children. The policy is part of a larger push against illegal immigration.

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