10 incense burners to add style to your next meditation session

Saic Pyramid Incense Stick Holder

Burning incense is a pastime many of us have indulged in for years; the right scent will help set the right mood. A good holder will help your incense burn evenly without being an eyesore. No matter your tastes these incense holders will appeal to you.

SAIC Pyramid Incense Stick Holder with Tray

Designed exclusively for CB2, the SAIC Pyramid Incense Stick Holder/Tray is made of 100% white marble and is both functional and beautiful. The pyramid shape is an eye-catching conversation piece.

Look, an incense thing that looks like a pyramid

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Valley of Fog Backflow Incense Burner

Plumes of smoke from burning incense cones will drift among the geometric-shaped concrete mountains peaks of the Valley of Fog Backflow Incense Burner. A great effect that’s hypnotically soothing.

Valley of Fog Backflow Incense Burner
Mercedes Benz G Wagon Incense Chamber

A detailed replica of the iconic Mercedes luxury SUV, the G Wagon Incense Chamber, with Yeenjoy Studio’s signature washed-out blue finish, will add a pop of art to your home or office.

$378 USD
Mercedes Benz G Wagon incense chamber
Long Concrete Incense Stick Holder

This elegant piece of concrete with simple, clean lines is a modern approach to the standard holder. Handcrafted, as only Etsy does, giving each piece a uniqueness of it’s own.

Long Concrete Incense Stick Holder
Sloth Incense Holder

Small in size, inexpensive, made from speckled finish stoneware painted and shaped to resemble a South America Sloth, the Sloth Incense Holder is playfully without being silly or too cute for the average guy.

Sloth Incense Holder
Brass Incense Stand

Handmade in Japan, the Brass Incense Stand features a 5 inch tray to catch ash. It’s design will add style to any setting.

Brass Incense Holder
Ceramic Dragon Guardian Backflow Incense Burner

The dragon sculpture is a conversation piece for sure. Add to it the cool effect of the incense smoke pouring from the dragon’s mouth and you get a mesmerizing experience. Sets a great mood at home or a studio.

Ceramic Dragon Guardian Backflow Incense Burner
Solid Brass Incense Holder

Simple design with a bold look, the Solid Brass Incense Holder is made of, well… solid brass. The interior is smooth, contrasting with the textured exterior. An excellent add-on to any decor.

Solid Brass Incense Holder
Metal Lotus Cone Incense Burner/Holder

This zinc alloy constructed holder is an inexpensive option that still delivers a refined ascetic, the Metal Lotus Cone Incense Burner doubles as a cone burner and storage.

Metal Lotus Cone Incense Burner/Holder
Oh Mon Dieu Incense Holder

This is no ordinary incense holder. Seeing an incense stick perched between these sculted pair of porcelain lips is a bit trippy like something out of a not-so-lucid dream, but also dope. This artistic holder by L’Objet will have people talking.

Oh Mon Dieu Incense Holder
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