Chance the Rapper wills Wendy’s spicy nuggets back to existence, Alyssa Milano, Amy Schumer not happy

Chance the Rapper

Last weekend Chance the Rapper jumped on Twitter to affirm to the universe, “I WILL have a good day, I Will succeed today, Wendy’s WILL bring back spicy nugget at some point please please Lord let it be today.”

The fast food deities heard the call and by the following day, and after 2+ million people had liked Chance’s post, Wendy’s announced spicy chicken nuggets would be back on the menu.

All was good with the virtual world until Alyssa Milano and Amy Schumer got wind of this digital-age miracle. Milano and Schumer are still fighting the good fight. Steadfastly holding Wendy’s feet to the fire for not supporting the The Fair Food Program, and not committing to improve working conditions for workers in Wendy’s supply chain.

The Fair Food Program, started by Immokalee workers, seeks to reduce violence and wage theft for the over 35,00 workers, most living in Florida, who pick fruits and vegetables on farms that supply the fast-food and grocery industries.

Wendy’s is the only major fast food company who has not signed on to the program.

Milano was also quick to jump on Wendy’s back, posting a screenshot of a message on Instagram that read in part, “Sorry, Wendy’s, but this is the opposite of a complex issue. This is about sexual violence against women in the workplace, the only program proven to end that violence in the US agricultural industry, and your refusal to join that program, plan and simple.”

Niether Wendy’s or Chance have responded.

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