Travis Scott and McDonald’s partner up for a meal deal, merchandise, and tons of press

Travis Scott McDonald's meal
Travis Scott McDonald's meal

Back when everyone was cracking jokes about Calvin and flipping burgers, I imagine a very young Travis Scott was busy plotting on ways to get a slice of that burger money.

The AstroWorld rapper made what’s possibly 2020’s smartest business move, a collaboration with McDonald’s that includes heavy branding of the rapper’s name, image, and his record label, Cactus Jack. The deal will also features Scott’s very own combo meal — the Travis Scott Meal (a combo that includes a Quarter Pounder with bacon, cheese, and tangy BBQ sauce; a Sprite; fries, all for $6), and a slew of merch.

Travis Scott McDonald's merchandise - hoodie
Travis Scott McDonald's merchandise - hat
Travis Scott McDonald's merchandise - pillow

The entire line of merchandise was designed by Scott and his Cactus Jack label, and includes pricey items from apparel (sweats, slippers, hats) to household items (rugs, and even a $90 chicken nugget pillow), all under the golden arches logo. Scott also designed new employee uniforms.

Scott is only the second celebrity in history to have a McDonald’s meal named after him. The burger chain’s last celebrity collaboration was with Michael Jordan in 1992.

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