Ikea’s jerk chicken with rice and peas is your cultural appropriation nightmare come to life

Ikea Jerk Chicken

Ikea recently introduced the sorriest Jerk chicken platter to the menu in it’s cafeteria.

The Swedish furniture company took what is probably the most popular Jamaican dish an, well… white washed it. The uninspired version featured white rice and green peas (WHITE RICE & GREEN PEAS!!).

Twitter, of course, went wild with reactions like, “This is what happens when you try and cash in on a culture with no input from that culture whatsoever.”

Luckily this travesty was only forced on UK shoppers. Ikea has since apologied and is “reexamining” their strategy.

Lawd a mercy!

  1. Oh fuck off and get a life. Go find something important to worry about, you no-life, recreationally offended, faggot ass bitch.

  2. Ikea did nothing wrong. They created their version of a restaurant dish named ‘Jerk Chicken with rice&peas.’ A dish that is usually served in Jamaican restaurants.
    So, who determines what you can carry on your restaurant menu? In additon, what’s wrong with a little experimentation? And who appointed any Jamaican cuisine police?
    Frankly, roadside food such as Jerk Chicken is not usually served with rice&peas. So, please be more open-mined and welcome other people who like our Jamaican dishes.
    We Jamaicans dibble and dabble in other cultures and food, too.
    Cho man…onnou a gwaan bad fi true!

  3. Oh give me a break! All of those complaining in horror were probably eating hummus while waiting for their spaghetti dinner after their yoga class. Of course its not going to be like your mom’s Jerk Chicken, its paying respect to a delicious classic, even if not made accurately. Stop being offended by every little thing. Are you going to boycott the Shoprite in Englewood NJ because they sell jerk chicken every single day alongside their rotisserie chicken? No? Then you’re all a bunch of hypocrites. IKEA has partnered with companies all over the world to make products thereby boosting those local economies and helping those families be successful. Shame on all of you for being so self absorbed!

    1. Ha! I agree. Not that serious. But I think they were trying to make actual jerk chick w/ rice and peas. The actual dish, not just chicken with jerk seasoning with rice on the side. . If that’s the case, they failed and are right to go back to the drawing board.

  4. Why are there so many whiners in the world all the sudden? Who gives a F how Ikea makes their chicken. Thy can make their Jerk Chicken any way they want to. They can make Jerk chicken with gummy bears if they want to. There are no food recipe laws an how you have to make something. If you don’t like they way somebody does something, go hide under a bed if it bothers you. Stop polluting the world with your negative BS crying.

  5. It’s just Jerk Chicken for crying out loud… it’s just chicken not a interracial narrative. Rice and Beans or Beans and Rice who cares, you got peas and rice get over yourselves people. If your worried about you fragile dispositions, try learning English or Spanish for that matter and call a bean a bean instead of a pea if it’s that big of a deal, which it’s not…. Garbanzo Bean or Chickpea? Oh the humanity!

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