Damn damn damn! Dame Dash’s payday check from Lee Daniels to go toward $950k back child support

Dame Dash
Damon Dash Celebrates the Launch of Dame Dash Studios
BURBANK, CA – APRIL 03: Damon Dash attends Damon Dash Celebrates the Launch of Dame Dash Studios at DDS33 on April 3, 2019 in Burbank, California.
Damon Dash was back in an NYC court this week to settle a $950K debt for back child support. Just last month, the hip-hop mogul was in court for a $2400 debt which he claimed he couldn’t pay. He was subsequently arrested and released. Dash and his children’s mothers, Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales, are now working on a plan that involves film director, Lee Daniels.

In 2004, Dame loaned Lee Daniels $2 million for film projects that never materialized. Fast forward years later, Dame caught Daniels slipping at a Diana Ross concert; ran up on him — camera in-hand, and confronted him on the overdue $2 million loan.

Daniels later told TMZ the money from Dash was an investment, not a loan, but that he would repay the money, “He needs it right now, and I’m happy to help him.” The two settled their differences earlier this year.

On December 3, Dame’s lawyer, Natraj Bhushan and Donnell Suares, attorney representing Roy and Morales, informed the court that the child support will come directly out of the money that Lee owes. They allegedly reached a payment plan and are waiting for the judge to sign it.

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