Future’s alleged baby mamas show receipts, post DNA results on IG

Future, baby mama drama

Eliza Seraphin and Cindy Parker both claim to have had sexual relationships with rapper Future resulting in both of them becoming pregnant. The women are potentially mothers number seven and eight, to the rapper’s would be eight kids. Future insists that he is neither child’s father and the ladies have decided to work together to establish paternity.

Apparently the mothers took the children to have DNA testing performed to determine if they’re related. In an Instagram post, Seraphin shared a copy of a report that appears to confirm the two children are siblings. The document lists the names of the women and the infants (Reign and Legend Wilburn), who both bare Future’s last name. According to the report, there is a 99.999996% chance that the babies are in fact siblings. The report also revealed a 30,462,556:1 chance that the babies share at least 1 biological parent.

Future's potential kids' sibling paternity results
Paternity results confirming Eliza Seraphin and Cindy Parker’s children share a parent. The mothers contend that Future is the father of both children. Staff

Future, born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, has publicly denied fathering Seraphin’s and Parker’s children. He posted an Instagram video with the caption, “I have 5 wives BTW. Love them to death.” The sixth mother is singer & model Ciara, whom Future is ordered by the court not to mention publicly.

Seraphin also made claims that her life was threatened after failing to abort her pregnancy. She admits that she agreed to get an abortion as suggested by Future, but changed her mind after speaking with the doctor who explained the potential risks of the procedure. Seraphin has also made claims that while still carrying her child, more than one source told her that she should be careful because Future had “put money on her head.” She says that she feared for the lives of herself and her unborn child.

Seraphin filed a paternity suit in Broward County, Florida earlier this year requesting child support, to which Future filed a motion to dismiss. He accused her of “fraud on the court”, saying that she is lying about her financial situation. Future also requested a gag order to prevent her from speaking publicly about him or the case.

Parker filed a paternity case in Nueces County, Texas two months after Seraphin ‘s filing. She says that Future agreed to DNA testing but failed to show up when the time came. Parker allegedly had to get a judge’s permission to have him served in Georgia since he was not voluntarily responding.

As of now neither woman has received judgment from the court.

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