Nas pushes for $10 million Hennessy scholarship program at the HBCU, Thurgood Marshall College

Nas on subway

Hennessy owes a lot to Nas. Over the years the rap legend has mentioned the cognac in nearly every album he’s dropped. So it’s fitting that he recently became the newest voice of the brand. But it’s the outcome of that partnership that’s making news. As part of their team-up with Nas, Hennessy has committed to setting up a $10 million fund to support students at Thurgood Marshall College.

The Hennessy Fellows program at the HBCU will select students with at least a 3.25 GPA who will receive $20,000 towards tuition each academic year; $10,000 for college expenses; be invited to attend a deeply engaging 2020 summer boot camp to advance their leadership skills.

Nas feels that Hennessy’s Mantra of “Never Settle, Never Quit” goes hand-in-hand with the mission of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which is “Changing the world… one leader at a time.” The most popular cognac mentioned in hip-hop songs by far is Hennessy. The brand began delivering to the U.S. in 1794, and in 1813 the name “Jas Hennessy & Co.” was adopted. In 1971, the company merged with Moet & Chandon, and today has record breaking sales worldwide.

Students hoping to participate in the program for Fall 2020 semester have until December 31 to apply at

You can read more about the program at HERE.

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