4 years after Prince’s death, Apollonia still has no love for Sheila E.

Apollonia Kotero
Los Angeles, CA: Apollonia Kotero poses for a portrait in front of a photo of Prince at Warner Music Group, LA, May 31, 2019. Mark Von Holden/AP
If you watched Let’s Go Crazy: The GRAMMY Salute To Prince and wondered, like some of us, why Apollonia Kotero wasn’t featured, it was because apparently she’s on the outs with Sheila E.

In a Facebook rant, the Purple Rain actress accused Sheila E. of using Prince’s name and image to make a profit.

“You are so desperate to be RELEVANT as the brilliant Linda Perry said. Prince refused to acknowledge you for 5 years before his death because of your lies.”

“You can’t continue to fool our Prince fans any longer. Because I AM here to tell you, it’s over. Time for the truth.”

The truth according, to Apollonia, is that even before his death, Sheila E. was using Prince’s name to sell everything from t-shirts to a Purple Rain cruise tour.

Apollonia alleges that Prince took the extraordinary step of serving Sheila E. with cease and desist orders to get her to stop using his name and likeness.

But the biggest blow from Apollonia came when she ended with this:

“Please get over yourself: YOU ARE NOT PRINCE. You will never be. You can copy his attire , try your best, but you will NEVER be Prince.”

The bad blood between Apollonia and Sheila E. didn’t stop The Revolution, Prince’s band, from appearing alongside Sheila E. at the event, where they preformed “Mountains”.

Hosted by actress Maya Rudolph, the tribute concert also featuring other artists signing renditions for Prince’s music, including John Legend, Foo Fighters, Common, Miguel, Beck, and H.E.R.

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