Dr. Dre’s son found dead in Los Angeles home

Andre Young Jr.
Andre Young Jr.
Andre Young Jr.
Update: An earlier version of this story displayed an image that was not Andre Young, Jr.

The son of producer/rapper Dr. Dre was found dead on Saturday (Aug 23).

Andre Young Jr. had gone out the night before, returning home at 5:30 Saturday morning. His mother, Nicole, discovered his lifeless body at 10 a.m. in his bedroom at their Woodland Hills, Los Angeles home and called 911.

Officials are awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Mr. Young’s father, Andre Young Sr. better known to fans as Dr. Dre, was a member of the pivotal late 80’s rap group NWA and co-founder of Death Row Records.

Andre Young Jr., who went by the name Hood Surgeon, was 20 years old.

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