Remy Ma Sentenced to 8-Year Prison Bid

Remy Ma
Judge sentences Remy Ma to 8 years in jail for shooting friend.

A day after prison officials canceled her jailhouse wedding to fellow rapper Papoose because of a smuggled handcuff key, Reminisce Smith (b.k.a. Remy Ma) was sentenced to 8 years in prison for shooting a friend over missing money in July of 2007.

When $3,000 vanished from Ms. Smith’s purse after a night celebrating a friend’s birthday it led the 26-year-old former Terror Squad member to suspect another friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, had ripped her off. As Ms. Barnes-Joseph sat in her car outside of a Manhattan restaurant where the friends had gathered, Ms. Smith confronted her brandishing a handgun, shooting her twice in the abdomen.

During sentencing State Supreme Court Justice Rena Uviller called Ms. Smith “a young woman whose anger is out of control.” Noting Ms. Barnes-Joseph nearly died of her injuries.

Ms. Smith’s boyfriend Papoose was also unable to control his anger. His emotions boiled over after the sentencing, screaming. “All you want is money!” at the victim. Court officers escorted him out of the courthouse.

Ms. Smith’s lawyer, Ivan Fisher, plans to appeal the sentence.

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