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Jay-Z turns down best man offer

Jay-Z has thrown a wrench in Kanye West’s wedding plans, turning down the chance to be West’s best man. Jay-Z initially agreed to stand beside West as he says his I Do’s…

Kanye: Big Baby Yeezus

What’s So Bad About Naming Your Album “Yeezus”?

It seems like the Illuminati and anything having to do with comparing yourself to God is pretty popular in Hip Hop right now. Whether you are down with the Illuminati and all…

Nas: The tone deaf emcee

The Tone Deaf Emcee

[minnosh_ext_dropcap font-size=”75″ font-weight=”700″]L[/minnosh_ext_dropcap]ast week we celebrated legendary Queens rapper Nas’ esteemed career by commemorating the 18th anniversary of his classic debut release ‘Illmatic’. Widely regarded as one of the greatest albums in…

Rap Hero


Kanye West in Full Bitch Mode at VMAs, Offers Apology

Kanye West interrupts her acceptance speech during the MTV Video Music Awards (9.13.09). Rapper/producer Kanye West again showed the world money and fame doesn’t buy class when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance…

Kanye West, Manager Charged In 2008 Airport Fight

Photo: FallingShaun Los Angeles prosecutors filed charges against hip hop superstar Kanye West and his road manager Don C. (Dan Crawley) in connection to an incident at LAX last September. The 31-year-old…

Lil Wayne feat. Kanye West — All I Do

[flashvideo width=450px height=370px image=https://www.phresh.cc/video/images/lil_wayne_kanye_west-all_i_do.jpg file=https://www.phresh.cc/video/lil_wayne_kanye_west-all_i_do.flv /] See more from Broken Equipment at ThisIsBepTV.com

Kanye West Arrested in Airport Scuffle

California police arrested Kanye West and his road manager, Don Crowley, after the two got into a tug of war with a paparazzi over his camera. The incident took place yesterday morning…